Miss Mabrouk of Egypt on the War in Iraq and the GWOT

Miss Mabrouk of Egypt has an excellent post on the upcoming elections in Egypt. She also comments on the Iraqi situation:

Another opinion-piece by Immanuel Wallerstein is re-saying what last week’s pieces in Slate and NYT were claiming: The War is Over – meaning the game is lost. Yani, “don’t get in, oh you’re in then get out of there” has been the national intelligentsias position since day one but no one ever seemed to bother to ask what the Iraqi people wish (which incidentally is that the coalition should leave after security has been achieved).
Personally, I say the war was over (won) the day the last battalion of Saddam loyalists took of their shoes and run into the desert; the statue fell and the ex-president was found in a rabbit-hole. The rest is charity with self-interest: killing off the last resistance is more attractive than putting the Muslim aliens residing in the US and Europe in intention camps and closing the entrance gates for fifty years ahead. Harsh as it sound and bizarre as it is, that is the option. Unfortunately, appeasing the terrorists and hoping future attacks will not happen because the US are kind will not work. Sad, I know.

Miss Mabrouk is a blogger who lives in Egypt, knows the Middle East and who always seems to have something insightful to say about Islamic terrorism, the Middle East and the GWOT (or GSAVE, as is now preferred).