"No such thing as the truth"

Evan Sayet has written an excellent article about Peter Jennings.

I think it was Barbara Walters who unwittingly gave away the leftist media’s secret the other night while supposedly heaping high praise on the newly dead Peter Jennings. Between gushes of admiration and sighs of sorrow not seen since the apostles lost their Lord, Walters waxed poetic about this Canadian-born socialist whose mother had raised him to hate America. On and on she went until, near the end, she offered the highest praise a leftist could fathom: “What made Peter great was that he knew there was no such thing as the truth.”

If there is no such thing as the truth then what was Jennings using as the basis for his reporting? Republicans know. He made it up. Or better yet, he, like the rest of the Old Media simply cherry-picked, spun and invented whatever was necessary to prove the truth — which is that there is no truth.

The agenda of the Modern Liberal is to provide whatever misinformation and disinformation is required to disabuse the dolts and bigots who think truth exists. You think America is good? Well we’ll show you it isn’t by rerunning stories of Abu Gharaib for months at a time. You think democracy is good? We’ll ignore the horrors of the Arab world and paint a democratic Israel that is the villain. You think God is good? We’ll paint every religious figure as a fanatic (unless it’s an Islamists then we’ll just ignore the horrors coming out of their mouths on a daily basis).

To get Jennings — to get the compliment that Walters thought she was giving her just fallen idol — is to get why Nancy Pelosi gives standing ovations to lie-filled, anti-American propaganda films. It is to get why Dick Durbin ignores atrocities committed against Americans but calls our troops “Nazis.” It is to get why Ted Kennedy screams the most vicious slanders about America at every opportunity. It is to get why the Democrats have become the party of liars.

After all, when there is no truth then what is a lie, anyway? Besides, they’re lying for a bigger truth (which is that there is no truth) so therefore they’re telling the truth by lying. The mission of the Modern Liberal — from Ward Churchill to Dick Durbin to Dan Rather to Howell Raines to Nancy Pelosi to Ted Kennedy to Michael Moore to Peter Jennings is to convey “the truth” (that there is no truth) no matter how many lies it takes.

While everyone has been giving glowing accolades to Peter Jennings, very few are discussing the fact that he was an avowed socialist; that he hated capitalism; that he acknowledged that he was brought up to hate America, and did; that he had strong antipathy for Israel; that he loved the Palestinians, literally and figuratively, and that he distorted the truth.

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  1. Amen, Brother. I vividly remember the pass he gave the terrorists who murdered the Israeli Olympians when he stated that we must undertand the motivation behind their acts. Pigswill. I won’t miss him at all.


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