News Items from Israel – August 14th

From The Jerusalem Post:

Less than three days after he urged Palestinians to refrain from excessive celebrations over the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Friday presided over a huge celebration in Gaza City where he declared: “Today we are celebrating the liberation of Gaza and the northern West Bank; tomorrow we will celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem.”

and this….

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also held separate celebrations in the Gaza Strip, where leaders of the two groups announced that the fight against Israel would continue even after the “escape of the Zionist enemy” from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank. They also declared that their groups would not abandon their weapons after the disengagement and would not join the PA security forces.

Local reporters were invited on Friday to watch more than 1,000 Hamas gunmen in military fatigue and armed with AK-47 rifles and RPG rocket-propelled grenades stage a mock attack on an Israeli settlement. It was the biggest show of strength by Hamas’s armed wing in years.

and this…

The Palestinian Authority is planning to move
thousands of PLO fighters from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip after the disengagement, senior PA officials disclosed on Saturday.

The Lebanese government is desperate to get rid of the Palestinian refugees living there and has imposed severe restrictions on their movements in a bid to force them out of the country. The Lebanese authorities have accused the Palestinians of turning their camps into safe havens for various armed militias that are threatening Lebanon’s national security.


“Any Palestinian can move to the Gaza Strip after its liberation,” a PA official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post. “Israel has no right to object to such a move.”

Zaki was quoted in Beirut as saying that the PA was planning to move PLO fighters to the Gaza Strip not only from Lebanon, but from other Arab countries as well. The PLO has forces in both Jordan and Syria.

“The Palestinian Authority is seeking the help of the PLO fighters in securing its international borders,” Zaki said.

Which begs the question, “Against whom?”

From Israel National News (Arutz Sheva):

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told reporters in London that Arabs view Israel’s unilateral expulsion as proof that terrorism works. He told Israeli TV the PA is proving its diplomacy won out.

Erekat told the Totally Jewish web site in England that many Arabs see the planned pullout as a victory for terrorism. “Israel failed to weigh the consequences of its actions in not negotiating with us,” he said.

The chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority (PA) explained that Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists “will claim they got you out like Hezbollah got you out from South Lebanon, kicking you in the ass” with suicide and rocket attacks.

From Palestinian Media Watch:

In a virtually unprecedented move, Palestinian Authority Television (PA TV) broadcast a full-length American movie in the original English, with Arabic subtitles.

Although introducing PA TV viewers to Western culture would appear to be a positive move, in actual fact, the film furthered the anti-American agenda of the PA. Broadcast July 25, it acted as just another ‘hate America’ message, albeit with a twist; the accuser was an American in an American-produced film, thereby giving greater credence to the charges.

Produced in 1992, at the end of the Cold War era, Nick and Eddy in Trouble presents the United States as an imperialist tyrant, and promotes the anti-American conspiracy theories that had been common in the Communist Bloc – and are now widespread in the Arab world.

From Globes Online

The desalination plant on the Ashkelon shore began operating last Thursday. The plant, constructed under the build, operate, transfer (BOT) method, will supply 100 million cubic meters of water a year.
The plant will initially supply 50 million cubic meters, which will channeled into ground water until the systems is stabilized. The water will be directed into the National Water Carrier one month from now, which will send it to southern Israel.

The second stage of the plant’s operation will begin in December 2005, until supply reaches 100 million cubic meters per year. The price of the water will be NIS 2.60 per cubic meter the world’s lowest price for desalinated water.

More from The Jerusalem Post:

“The Zionist retreat from the Gaza Strip won’t end the resistance,” he said. “The resistance will continue until the expulsion of the occupation from all our lands, including the West Bank, Jerusalem and all of Palestine.”

He said that Islamic Jihad views the disengagement as a direct result of the “resistance” and rocket attacks over the past few years. “The pressure of the resistance, as well as the steadfastness of our people and the rockets of our fighters all led the enemy to take the decision to run away from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank,” he said.

While all the above is occurring Israelis are observing Tisha B’Av services and preparing to move 9,000 Israeli settlers from Gaza, turning the territory over to jihadists.

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  1. I can’t believe the pull out of Gaza is actually happening. It’s sickening to think of the advantage that was just given to the PLO in terms of land and strike opportunities with such close proximity to Israel proper. Unbelievable.


  2. It is unbelievable. Leaving the Gaza Strip to Hamas and other jihadists to mount attacks against Israel is sheer folly. Al Queda is already in Gaza to set up recruitment camps to train Palestinians to go to Iraq as insurgents.


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