9/11 Commission Report Cover-Up – No Credibility!

It gets more unbelievable as more facts come out. The Army’s Able Danger secret intelligence project identified Mohammed Atta as a member of Al Queda and the head of a cell in the U.S. The unit was unable to inform the FBI because of a “wall” that was set up between the intelligence gathering apparatus and the police apparatus in the U.S. That wall was installed by Jamie Gorelick, a future member of the 9/11 Commission.

It is bad enough to know that someone in Army intelligence knew about Atta and didn’t report it to the FBI, but now we find that the 9/11 Commission was informed about this 10 days before they issued their report, and OMITTED it from the report because aspects of the account sounded “…inconsistent with what the Commission knew about that Qaeda member, Mohammed Atta, the plot’s leader.”

How outrageous! You mean that we knew that Atta was a member of Al Queda, we could have arrested him and deported him and possibly prevented 9/11 and we didn’t because an Army intelligence group was prohibited from informing the FBI – by someone who later sat on the 9/11 Commission!!!

Then, when preparing their report to the country the 9/11 Commission is informed about this, and doesn’t include it in their report because it would make one of the members – Jamie Gorelick – look bad!! Would they have drawn different conclusions if that information had been included? Of course they would have.

The whole 9/11 Commission report is meaningless.

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