Netanyahu Resigns over Disengagement

From One Jerusalem:

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu surprised the political world by resigning from Israel’s government. He left behind a legacy of transforming Israel’s economy ― enabling it to compete in the 21st century.

Some of Netanyahu’s free-market economic agenda is not yet enacted, but he obviously feels that he must leave that sphere for another task ― leadership of Israel’s nationalist camp, which has been the target of a government pursuing a policy of handing the terrorists Israeli land for nothing in return.

Today, at a news conference, Netanyahu proclaimed, “Here in the Middle East, there is a way to make peace, and this is not the way.”

He argued that this government did not have a mandate to throw Jews from their homes and to reward the terrorists. He also referred to Condi Rice’s recent proposal to give guns and ammunition to Palestinian terrorists when he said, “we are once again talking about giving them guns, it is unbelievable… the Disengagement strengthens Hamas and it leads to them eventually reaching Jerusalem.”

Until he made his decision public, Netanyahu’s close aids urged him to stay in the government, but he held true to his belief that the Retreat from Gaza was endangering the security of the nation and the foundations of Zionism. For Netanyahu, rewarding terrorism has never been the answer. Now Israel has a national leader to lead the charge against appeasement.

Look for One Jerusalem’s Chairman, Natan Sharansky, to be at Netanyahu’s side in this important campaign. As you know, Natan resigned from the government months ago for the same reasons. With Natan’s international stature combined with Bibi’s stature at home and abroad, at last Israel and the world will begin to understand that the Retreat does not have popular support in Israel and that it will have a negative impact on the international war on terror.

You can be assured that should there be pictures of Hamas and other terrorists groups proclaiming victory in Gaza, young would-be terrorists will begin signing up in Gaza, The West Bank, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. Bibi is giving a much needed shot in the arm to the anti-appeasement forces that must triumph if we are ever to vanquish our enemies.

Withdrawal from Gaza – in other words, appeasing the terrorists – has been the most ill-conceived policy from the beginning. One wonders how much thought was given to the policy – and its unintended consequences.

Al Queda has already established a base in Gaza in anticipation of Israel withdrawal. Leaving Gaza judenrein gives the terrorists the opportunity to mobilize, set up terrorist training camps, attack Israeli population centers, such as Ashkelon, and use their seaport for exporting terrorists to other countries. Where is the benefit to Israel? Even more, where is the benefit to the United States?

The misguided “Disengagement” should be cancelled.

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