Israeli terrorism a grim reality? Huh?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. One demented Israeli nut-case shoots 4 Israeli Arabs on a bus and the next thing you know this is the headline in a mainstream publication: “Israeli terrorism a grim reality“, as printed in the Ria Novosti, the Russian News. The article starts out:

MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Marianna Belenkaya.) It was to be expected: Israeli terrorist Eden Natan-Zada shot four Israeli Arabs in a bus in Shfaram on August 4. The infuriated crowd of Arabs killed the murderer on the spot.

The tragedy in Shfaram (Shefar-Amer in Arabic) is shocking but not surprising.

Israel has a history of improbable attacks. Take Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish settler from the U.S. who killed 29 Muslims at a Hebron mosque on the Feast of Purim in 1994, or the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995. Jews around the world could not believe that the premier was shot by a compatriot.

Give me a break! Israel has a history of improbable attacks? A history??

She stated the only three cases of Israelis murdering people for political reasons. Natan-Zada this week in the North of Israel, Baruch Goldstein, also a demented murderer, who killed 29 Arabs in Hebron in 1994, and the sicko who shot Rabin in 1995. There are three. Count them, three. Were any of these three held up as heroes in Israel? Were there any schools named after Baruch Goldstein or the idiot who shot Rabin? No. They were despised in Israel.

Compare that to the heroic status granted to Palestinian homocide bombers by their people. They post their pictures on fences. They name schools after them. They celebrate their murderers.

Israel does not celebrate its murderers. There is a different morality in Israel.

Yet, Marianna Belenyaka decries to the world that Israeli terrorism is a grim reality. Has she written an article stating that Palestinian terrorism is a grim reality after any of the bombs that have destroyed civilians and their families?

The murders committed by Natan-Zada are deplorable. Every Jew feels that way. There is nothing in Judaism that condones or permits the wanton killing of innocent people.

To claim that terrorism is now rife in Israel because of one incident, and to never mention any Palestinian terror, of which there have been untold incidents, shows how credible the mainstream media really is.

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Now, I challenge anyone to provide in the comment section, lists of posts from Arabs who condemn Palestinian homocide bombers when they kill innocent Israelis.

One thought on “Israeli terrorism a grim reality? Huh?

  1. First, you left out the murder of Peace Now activist Emil Gruenzweig by a hand grenade thrown by a right wing protester. Second, you’ve left off bombings & other serious attacks that wounded, but did not necessarily kill Palestinians–attacks perpetrated by right wing Israeli militants.Finally, there are MANY Palestinian and Arabs who do what you claim they do not–condemn Palestinian terror. Start with Ray Hanania and Saffiya (Moving Forward) each of which have their own blogs which you should google. Don’t make generalizations like this till you do some rudimentary research (& it wouldn’t have been hard to find them). My own blog & my Israel Palestine Forum site ea. link to them.


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