‘Stop thinking like a lawyer’

The 3rd District Court heard the Proposition 77 (Redistricting) Case today. Daniel Weintraub describes the hearing. He says the consensus of observers at the hearing was that it was anywhere from a coin-flip to a slam-dunk for the anti-77 forces.

One of the three justices, Arthur Scotland, was a Deukmajian appointee, Coleman Blease is a Jerry Brown appointee and M. Kathleen Butz was appointed by Gray Davis just days before he was recalled by the voters.

Apparently Judge Scotland had the quote of the day when he asked Vickie Whitney, the deputy attorney general arguing the case on behalf of Bill Lockyer, to “stop thinking like a lawyer” and put herself in the shoes of the “average voter” looking at the discrepancy in this case.

Weintraub describes what went on in the hearing, with comments from both sides.

The court promised to rule as soon as possible and suggested that Tuesday morning was the target for issuing a decision. Either way, it appears that the case is destined to be appealed to the California Supreme Court.