Al Queda Confirms Base in Gaza

Al Queda has now publicly confirmed that they are present in Gaza, anticipating the withdrawal of Israelis from the area:

ABU DHABI — An announcement on an Al Qaida-aligned website said Osama Bin Laden has formed a military presence in Palestinian areas of the Gaza Strip. Israel plans to withdraw from the area by October 2005.

The announcement said Al Qaida has formed a group called “The Jihad Brigades in the Promised Land.”

The website, which has in the past posted announcements by Iraqi-based insurgency leader Abu Mussib Al Zarqawi, asserted that the group carried out mortar and rocket attacks against Israeli communities in the central Gaza Strip.

The United States and Israel will be making a mistake by withdrawing from the Gush Katif region in the Gaza, opening up the area for Al Queda and other terrorist groups to train killers to attack Israel and the Western coalition in Iraq.

“The Brigades are not a new organization but merely a spirit of faith pushing the jihad fighters in the promised land to close ranks behind an honest and uncompromising leadership,” the announcement on Aug. 3 said.

Read the full article here.

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