ACLU Says: Bombs OK on Subways

Stop the ACLU has an interesting analysis of the current attempt by the ACLU to go to court to stop the random examination of backpacks and other bags on the New York Subway.

I personally disagree with random searches. I think that we ought to be searching the bags of young Middle Eastern or South Asian males. Nonetheless, getting some loony-lefty judge in New York, of which there are an abundance, to stop inspecting bags puts my family in danger.

The ACLU does not care who dies in subway bombings as long as they can protect our “civil rights.” I don’t think any American opposes the inspection of bags in the subway. Besides, civil rights don’t mean much if your body has been splattered across a subway car.

We must stop funding the ACLU and we must see that the bill before Congress to stop awarding the ACLU legal fees when they bring legal action, even if they are unsuccessful.

Read the analysis.

2 thoughts on “ACLU Says: Bombs OK on Subways

  1. Thanks for speading the news on this. What a busy day its been. I haven’t had time to visit other peoples blogs very much at all. The ACLU are a bunch of idiots. If they are successful with this lawsuit, and people die, we will all be able to thank the ACLU.


  2. If the ACLU is so out of control, we could just pass some amendments to the constitution which remove the constitutional grounds with which they bring their cases in the first place, now couldn’t we?


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