Rob Lowe Exception to Rule in Hollywood

Lowe Ignores Terror Fears To Tread London Boards

American actor Rob Lowe refuses to let terrorists scare him away from London as he prepares to star on the West End stage. The heartthrob is playing rookie navy lawyer Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men at the British capital’s Haymarket Theatre Royal from next month and laughed off friends’ worries back in America over the safety of the city.

Lowe, his wife Sheryl and children Edward and John have temporarily moved to London for six months while the former West Wing star treads the boards. London’s public transport system was the scene of carnage on July 7, when explosions caused by four suicide bombers left 52 dead and over 700 injured.

Lowe says, “I’m not worried about working in London. I’ve brought my family over, my kids are going to school here. We love you and adore you. After the attacks, I’m actually more anxious to do the play so I can do my bit. I know what you are going through. We went through it with 9/11 in New York and we just got on with what he had to do, and that’s what’s happening here now.

I feel very honored that your country has stood by our war on terror – the war in Iraq and this is my way, if only by helping in a tiny way, to repay you for your support. I know there has been a tremendous cost for supporting my country’s war on terror, but I appreciate it. I think the current climate will actual[ly] infuse the emotions of the play.”