I Love America – Part II

About a week ago I wrote about the offensive anti-American art of Stephen Pearcy which was being shown in the California State Capitol. I also told you about the painting depicting the American flag in the shape of the United States in the toilet which is proudly displayed in the offices of the Attorney General of California, a Bush/Schwarzenneger-hating, Republican-despising Democrat (Oops,was I being redundant?).

Melanie Morgan, of Move America Forward, decided to protest the despicable display by having a competing “I Love America” art display at the same time. The protest was a great success with patriotic Americans coming from all over California, and even some from out-of-state.

The Sacramento Union describes the event:

The California Department of Justice building has become ground zero over a collection of artwork that critics have attacked for being ‘anti-American.’ The most controversial painting depicts the U.S. flag in the shape of the United States being flushed down a toilet.

Thursday night the debate was elevated to new heights as more than 600 hundred people gathered to both support and oppose the display titled “A Creative Merger: Artists & Lawyers”.

Law enforcement officers stood in between the two sides to keep the peace, with emotions running high at times.

On one side were those who felt the controversial artwork was not appropriate for display in a public building that is supported by taxpayer funding.

Move America Forward in conjunction with Sacramento radio talk show host, Mark Williams of KFBK 1530, put together the “I LOVE AMERICA” art exhibit on the sidewalks in front of Attorney General Lockyer’s offices. The purpose was to show what they called a ‘pro-American alternative’ to the controversial exhibit inside.

After Move America Forward announced their plans for the event, anti-war protestors put out a statement saying they would counter with their own protest. And both sides turned out in force.

Move America Forward’s supporters sang the national anthem, chanted “USA, USA, USA” and performed the pledge of allegiance.

“It dumbfounds me that the State Attorney General would sponsor an anti-American art exhibit and put it on display in a taxpayer funded facility,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

“Taxpayers should not be forced to endorse messages that seek to undermine our nation and the men and women serving in our military,” Morgan explained.

By looking at the pictures, which you can find here, here and here, you will see how many people were there for each side.

The State Attorney General says that no taxpayer funds are involved in the displaying of the exhibit, however the exhibit was co-sponsored by Lockyer and the California Arts Council which receives millions of dollars each year in taxpayer funds. One of the private sponsors cited by the California Arts Council as a financier of the display, River City Bank, demanded that their name be removed from the list of sponsors. They say they provided no funding for the exhibit.

In the press release announcing the exhibit, Lockyer and the California Arts Council were listed as the co-sponsors of the event. Lockyer praised the “style and beauty” of the pieces which included an image of Lady Justice shackled in a prison cell with blood streaming down and a ghostly hooded soldier from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Another image features a Palestinian refugee behind barbed wires with the heading “Stop U.S. Financed Genocide in the Middle East.”

To contrast what they called ‘anti-military’ and ‘anti-American’ art, Move America Forward also displayed several hundred pieces of patriotic artwork sent from around the nation and as far away as Alberta, Canada.

One piece included a five-foot iron replica of the 9/11 memorial displayed in the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania following the crash of Flight 93 on September 11, 2003.

Dozens of images of the American flag and representations of U.S. troops were drawn or painted by schoolchildren who participated in the program.

Other pieces included exquisite oil paintings featuring a slice of Americana.

Red, white and blue were on display in just about every piece of art in the “I LOVE AMERICA” display.

The America-hating lefties are the same people who undermined the will of America to succeed in Vietnam. Americans will not passively let that happen with Iraq and Afghanistan.

I guess we can thank Mr. Pearcy and Mr. Lockyer for making patriotic Americans come out to show the love of their country.

I Love America – An Art Exhibit Protesting Anti-American Art