Israpundit reports that now some members of Congress are beginning to question the wisdom of having Israel withdraw from Gush Katif (Gaza). Read the article at Israpundit for details.

As I stated in this post, turning the Gaza Strip with its seaport over to Hamas, Fatah and the Al Aqsa Martyrs will create a danger for the United States and the West in the future. The United States foolishly believes that Abu Mazen is in control of the Palestinian territories, and that they will be able to establish a peaceful state alongside Israel, if only Israel withdraws and leaves their territory.

It is too dangerous these days for the United States to be in such denial of reality and believe the impossible. It is the terror groups whose avowed aim is the destruction of Israel (and the West) that are in charge and which will set up bases in the Gaza upon Israeli withdrawal. Expect to see Zarqawi set up recruiting centers for insurgents to come to Iraq and fight the U.S. and coalition troops.

In the best interest of the United States, let alone Israel, the U.S. should ask Israel to defer its withdrawal.

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