The Roots of Al-Queda

Tigerhawk writes about the historical/philosophical roots of the current Jihadist movement:

This blog has long argued that our enemy in the current war – not the tactic “terror” but al Qaeda and its ideological and organizational affiliates – has, like the international Communist movement, been in gestation for several generations. Al Qaeda uses recent or symbolically powerful grievances such as the existence of Israel or the presence of “infidels” in Arabia or Mesopotamia for propagandistic purposes, but neither the organization nor its philosophy fundamentally derive from anything that the West has done in a very long time.

Read the article for the history of this War against the West, which has been going on since the 19th Century.

An intellectual movement centered upon fighting the power of the West began with a complex figure called Jamal al-Din, often known as Al-Afghani, who taught in Egypt, was exiled to Paris, and eventually died in Constantinople in 1897. He called on Muslims to resist the West, to turn the West’s own weapons and techniques against it.

The reason to learn the history of this deadly war against Western civilization is because the more we know about it, and especially, the more we know that it is not a recent development, the better we will be able to confront it.

Make no mistake, we are engaged in World War III, and it will last a long time.

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  1. you’re finally seeing the light. Now read up on American and British policies over the past 100 years towards the Middle East, and you’ll see exactly why Al Qaeda and MANY other terrorist organizations have grown substantially since Jamal al-Din “taught”.


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