When Will the Palestinians Self-Destruct

The following is a question and answer on Right Wing News:

Question: “How long will it take for the Palestinians to self-destruct once the Israelis leave Gaza?” — Bill_Berditzman

Answer: By your question, I take it that you think they haven’t already achieved self-destruction. =) Personally, I think they’ve long since passed that point.

They have a “death cult” culture, a non-functional government, a non-functional economy, terrorist groups being allowed to do almost whatever they please, and schools that are in many cases just suicide bomber brainwashing schools.

In my opinion, the Israelis should keep following Sharon’s plan which is to grab as much land as they practically can, build a wall cutting themselves off from the Palestinians, bring all their people behind that wall, engage in massive retaliation for every attack, and then just let the Palestinians stew in their own misery until they’ve had enough and decide to put their own house in order.

How long will that take? It could be a decade, it could be two — who knows — maybe it’ll be never. But, until the Palestinians have a government that outlaws terrorist groups, has a monopoly on force, and is willing to give up the right of return, it’s a waste of time to even sit down at the table with them and try to negotiate a permanent settlement.

Very true.