Muslim Leader Says There Are No Civilians In Islamic Law

In an al-Jazeera interview, Director of London’s Al-Maqreze Centre, Hani Sibai, says that there are no civilians in Islamic Law and that the bombing in London is a great victory of Al-Qaida, which “rubbed the noses of the world’s 8 most powerful countries in the mud.”

According to Sibai,

It’s been claimed that Al-Qa’ida died in Afghanistan, and was buried in the caves there. And behold: it was resurrected after the American occupation of Iraq. Moreover, Al-Qa’ida controls the war agenda in Iraq. It is the Al-Qa’ida organization in the Land of the Two Rivers [Iraq], headed by Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi, that imposes its policies, to the extent that the Egyptian government was forced to… It was forced to recall [its ambassador], and other countries are afraid to send ambassadors there.”

Sibai also mentions that he doesn’t rule out that the “London bombings were done by the intelligence agency of a western country.”

Sibai goes on to say that

Islamic history has no term for ‘civilian’ in the Western sense. This is a Western term. In our Islamic rules of war, one can be a ‘combatant’, a ‘non-combatant’, or ‘protected by an agreement.’ A person can be a combatant even if he does not carry a weapon. In other words, a person who came to wash and cook for the American soldiers in order to free them to fight – like the Nepalese – such a person is considered a combatant.”

I think some of the liberals in this country who think that the right approach to deal with the jihadists is to talk to them and convince them of the error of their ways should contact Mr. Sibai and have a rational discussion with him.

We have a long war ahead of us, folks, with many more battles to be fought. It is almost certain that we will have some terrorist attacks in the United States and we have to be prepared for them. It will be a long war, but we will prevail.