Democrats Sue to Block Redistricting Initiative

Democrats are concerned about Proposition 77 in California. In the last election, not one seat in the whole state changed parties. The Legislature has gerrymandered the state so that Democratic (and Republican) seats are “safe” seats.

Prop 77 would take redistricing out of the hands of the entrenched legislature who benefit from the current districts and puts it in the hands of three retired judges. There are provisions that set the qualifications of the judges so that they are not political activists, and there must be at least one judge who is a Democrat and one who is a Republican.

Apparently the petition that was signed by over a million voters in support of the Redistricting Initiative varies slightly in wording from the one submitted for printing on the ballot. Rather than trusting the good sense of the citizens of the State of California, State Attorney General Lockyer, a Democrat, is now suing to remove the initiative from the ballot.

Democrats don’t trust the people, so they have to prevent people from voting on initiatives that might turn out to be detrimental to the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Sue to Block Redistricting Initiative

  1. great point. Republicans like yourself and those in many other states (like Texas) that have chosen to gerrymander their states to add seats for their political party are in a far better position to accuse all Democrats for the position that a single State Attorney General has taken.Great post!


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