Flights of Fantasy

President Bush today called for civility in the Senate with respect to the debate over his nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Sandra Day O’Connor.

“I hope the United States Senate conducts themselves in a way that brings dignity to the process,” he said, “and that the senators don’t listen to the special interest groups, particularly those on the extremes that are trying to exploit this opportunity for not only their, what they might think is right, but also for their own fund-raising capabilities.”

At one time the Senate consisted of true gentlemen and the chamber was one of civility. Issues were discussed with restraint and ad hominem attacks were not good form.

Wouldn’t it be a delicious fantasy to imagine that happening now. Ted Kennedy would speak about the President with respect for the office, while politely criticizing his policies. Dick Durbin would refer to Bill Frist as his “good friend.” Chuck Schumer would say that we ought to look to the qualifications and character of the nominee, not to his ideology.

Ah, well. I like to indulge in flights of fantasy from time to time. I hope you will forgive me.

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