Not a Good Day

Yesterday was not a good day. To wit:

Item I: The Supreme Court further eroded property rights in the Kelo decision and reaffirmed that the commerce clause power of the Federal Government is virtually limitless. More later on this terrible decision.

Item II: The weak-kneed liberals in the House and Senate in committees yesterday managed to rake Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld over the coals for not having put down the insurgency, providing Al-Jazeera with more headline news and encouraging those who think America is losing its will to win the war in Iraq. It’s the “cut and run” group in Congress that had the floor yesterday.

Item III: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune supports Sen. Dick Durbin’s description of Guantanamo as being similar to the conduct of the Nazis, the Soviet Gulag and Pol Pot. According to the Star-Tribune, “Durbin was spot-on in his assessment of Guantanamo.” Thus enabling the Star-Tribune to pass the New York Times to assume the title of the most liberal, leftist, America-hating newspaper in the country.

I could go on….but today is another day, and who knows, there is always the possiblity that reason will prevail this day.

I know. I am an incurable optimist.

Why America is….One Nation Under God

Chronwatch has a must-read essay showing that America was always One Nation Under God.

Those who wish America a godless society have developed a plethora of arguments to support their agenda. But arguments are not facts. We watch as lawyers make arguments every day, seldom concerned with any facts or even any sense of real justice. But they can make an argument, sometimes a very successful argument. If their argument is not true, has justice been served? Is the argument right if it was made on a premise that was all wrong, even though the argument is effective?

The essay provides evidence that the Founding Fathers all were Christians. For example,

On May 2, 1778, George Washington charged his soldiers at Valley Forge that “To the distinguished character of patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.” In a speech on May 12, 1779, he claimed that what children needed to learn “above all” was the “religion of Jesus Christ,” and that to learn this would make them “greater and happier than they already are.” On June 8, 1783, he reminded the nation that “without a humble imitation” of “the Divine Author of our blessed religion” we “can never hope to be a happy nation,” as he resigned his post as commander-in-chief. Washington’s own adopted daughter declared of Washington that you might as well question his patriotism as to question his Christianity.

The essay talks about Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and others and shows that their philosophy of the founding of the United States is based on the rights granted to the people by a divine Creator. The early Federal Government provided Christian missionaries to the native-Americans. For example:

Thomas Jefferson himself declared, “I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus.” As President of the United States, Jefferson signed a treaty with the Kaskaskia tribe wherein he provided—at the government’s expense—Christian missionaries.

Read the full essay to understand who the Founders really were.

The essay goes on…

Why was America formed as One Nation Under God? The answer is simple, yet of vital importance to every American, regardless of his religious beliefs. The answer begins with these two words, “self-governance.”

The point is this: it is historically indisputable that America was born One Nation under God. It does not require faith, but instead common logic to understand why. Men without a moral compass are incapable of long-term self-governance. The founders knew it because they had seen it. Few modern Americans have experienced what life would be like in a godless society, void of morality, so they question it. Many Americans place their trust in man over God, so they pursue it.

But there is no question what America was, is, should be, or must be in order to retain its position of strength as the freest nation of self-governed individuals on earth. We will either be free as One Nation under God, or we will be a nation of fools unaware of our common heritage and on the road to ruin under men in search of power. One does not have to be a Christian to understand this. One must only understand man and his insatiable hunger for power.

Those in search of that power must remove God from society in order to gain access to that power. Those who allow them, do so at their own peril. You are of course free to not like this simple truth. But this truth will never change. It is as it has always been–and as it shall always be.

Secularists from the Left, especially the ACLU, want to convince Americans that the Founders were Deists or secularists in order to remove the spiritual heritage of America. If the United States has no spiritual heritage, or is not One Nation under God, then our rights are not inalienable and come from man, not from The Creator. If they come from man, then they can be altered by man. If the bible is not the source of our moral code, then morality can be relative.

The truth is very different than the Left would have us believe.

Where is the ACLU?

It just occurred to me that if the ACLU is so concerned about preventing Federal funding on anything associated with religion….why haven’t they started a legal action to prevent the Federal Government from funding the purchase of Quran’s and prayer rugs which are given to the detainees in Guantanamo?

Why is that OK with the ACLU?

The answer is that the ACLU is only concerned about Federal funding having to do with anything Christian.

Any other possible explanation?

Female Terrorist Targets Israeli Hospital That Helped Her

Female Terrorist Targets Israeli Hospital That Helped Her

Wafa al-Bis, a 21 year old Palestinian girl who, it turns out, belongs to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, was arrested carrying explosives in her pants at the Erez Crossing checkpoint in Gaza.

She was carrying more than 22 pounds of explosives and was caught thanks to anti-terror electronic equipment at the checkpoint. When caught, she tried to detonate the explosives at the checkpoint.

Wafa had received a border pass as a humanitarian gesture so that she could cross into Israel where she was being treated at a Beer Sheva hospital for burns she had received in a cooking accident. She admitted she had the explosives so that she could blow up the hospital (and all the patients, doctors and nurses) that had helped her.

On Israeli TV Wafa said she had dreamed of being a suicide bomber since she was a child and considers it an honor and a duty to Islam.

According to Israel Insider,

“Israeli officials said Bis, who comes from Jabaliya in Gaza, was burnt in a cooking accident five months ago, and had received treatment on humanitarian grounds in the Beersheba hospital.

They said she was making another trip for follow-up treatment on Monday, but planned to blow herself up instead.

The bombing attempt was only the latest in a series of terrorist attacks involving the exploitation of Israel’s humanitarian flexibility in the face of a very real security threat.

Monday’s abortive suicide attack at the Erez crossing is especially shocking for the Israeli public for a number of reasons:

To begin with, the female bomber was entering Israel using a special medical permit issue in order to provide her with follow-up treatment for burns sustained five months earlier in a home cooking accident. At that time, the woman’s life had been saved by the same Israeli doctors and nurses who she was now planning to blow up.

Despite this difficult reality, many human rights groups are only too quick to criticize Israeli security procedures at checkpoints, such as its insistence on inspecting ambulances.


The attempted attack by a woman terrorist from Gaza illustrates again, in the most appalling terms, the terrorist organizations’ cynical exploitation of the weaker elements of Palestinian society, such as women and children.

Israel had passed on specific intelligence to the PA concerning the terrorists’ intentions of dispatching this bomber. However the PA did nothing to prevent the attack. This further demonstrates to Israelis the inability or unwillingness of the PA to prevent terrorism and dismantle terror infrastructures as it has repeatedly and publicly committed itself to do, both to Israel and the international community.

Anyone who thinks that peace is at hand between the Palestinians and Israelis does not have a grasp of what is going on in the Middle East. Even now, small children in the Palestinian territories are still being taught that the highest honor they can achieve is to commit suicide while blowing up innocent Israeli civilians – men, women and children. As long as the Palestinians continue to radicalize their children Israel will not be safe. I predict that as soon as Israel departs from the Gaza in August, the Palestinians will launch a major terrorist offensive against Israel.

If Sharon really thinks that Mahmoud Abbas is capable of controlling Hamas or Islamic Jihad, and that there will be peace with the Palestinians, he is leading Israel into dangerous waters.

Gitmo Interrogator Tells All

Right Thinking Girl obtained an exclusive interview with a Gitmo interrogator who sheds light on what really goes on with the detainees.

Her interviewee talks about Durbin’s comments and about interrogation methods actually used in Gitmo.

If you want to know what really goes on there – not what some ranting Democrat wants you to believe, and not what the MSM want you to believe – read this interview.

Democrats’ Rhetoric Highly Disturbing to American Jews

Democrats’ Rhetoric Highly Disturbing to American Jews

This from the e-Newsletter of the Republican Jewish Coalition:
Continue reading “Democrats’ Rhetoric Highly Disturbing to American Jews”

My Father – A Tribute to his Life

Since it is Father’s Day, and my thoughts have gone to my Father, I thought I should write something about him.

My father, Dan Aminoff, was born in 1907 in Samarkand in what is today called Uzbekistan. He was born into a family of Bukharian Jews in a predominantly Moslem country. At the time of his birth the country was known as Turkestan and was under control of Russia. Much of Central Asia was known as the Emirate of Bukhara prior to the mid-nineteenth century and was part of the Persian Empire. There was an Emir of Bukhara who reported to the Shah of Persia.

In 1868 Czarist Russia conquered Bukhara and wrested it from Persia. They renamed it Turkestan. It included what are today the countries of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Our family was fairly well-to-do during my father’s childhood. My grandfather was a merchant who traveled the “Silk Road” bringing Bukharian rugs and Bukharian woven silk textiles and silver to China, where he would sell them, and then he would buy raw silk thread and other Chinese products which he would then bring back to Bukhara and sell there.

The family owned a farm/ranch outside of Samarkand where cattle and some vegetable crops were raised. The family worked hard on the farm and took the produce to the local outdoor marketplace – the Bazaar. My father was in a local yeshiva studying for the Rabbinate. My family had several generations of Rabbis and my father was the one who was designated to carry on the family tradition in his generation.

It was a fairly comfortable life until 1918, when the Soviet Revolution had come to Central Asia. The name of the country was changed to the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. One day a local member of the Komsomol (Soviet Youth) came to the family farm to tell my family that they no longer owned the farm – it was now owned by the State, and henceforth all production would be delivered to State stores and not sold in the marketplace.

Uncle Mike, my father’s older brother answered the door. My Uncle Mike was a large, strong, well-developed man who picked up a nearby axe and told the young man to get off the family property, and if he came back again he could expect to have a very close encounter with the axe.

That, unfortunately was not the politically correct response. My Aunt Frieda went to the Bazaar later in the day and was told by friends that the local Communist Party had targeted Uncle Mike and planned to kill him and other members of the family as an example of what happens if one refuses to accept the nationalization of property in the Soviet Union.

My Aunt came back to the farm and told everyone that the family had to leave immediately or one or more family members would be killed. They gathered up some things of value that they could carry, silver pieces, Bukharian rugs, silks, etc. A family of 10, parents, children and 2 grandchildren went to the train station and bribed a local guard to let them board a train to Constantinople in Turkey. The voyage by train in 1918 through Central Asia to Turkey is the subject for another essay. I will just say that it was arduous, dangerous, long, and the family wound up in Constantinople with nothing.

The family mobilized upon arrival in Turkey. The local Turkish Jewish community was very helpful in finding family members a place to live, and finding work. My father and his siblings went to work in Turkey to support the family. It took them four years with all family members working in Turkey until they were able to accumulate enough money to travel by boat to New York. They traveled in steerage in the bowels of the ship with other Jews and poor immigrants and arrived at Ellis Island in 1922.

My father and his siblings went to work in New York. The family members were not afraid of work, and realized that hard work was the only way to make enough to provide for the family. No one from my family wanted a hand-out or government assistance. My father went to night school for a year or so, working during the day, until he had learned enough English to get by.

The family worked hard and were typical middle-class immigrant Jews in Brooklyn during the depression. Not wealthy, but not destitute. In 1931 a Jew from Bukhara, David Haimoff, who had moved to Los Angeles, but who knew the family in Samarkand, called my grandfather. He asked my grandfather to send one of his four sons to Los Angeles to help him in his linen store. My grandfather chose my father, and both came to Los Angeles in 1931. My father went to work for Haimoff, and my grandfather went back to New York.

My father learned the retail linen business and after a few years opened his own linen store on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. Working for Dave Haimoff, at the time my father was there, was a young sales clerk, Ruth Kahn. Romance developed, and my mother and father were married in Los Angeles in 1935. I was born in 1937, and my sister came along in 1940.

During the Second World War a friend of my father who was in the garment manufacturing business got a government contract to make uniforms. My father saw an opportunity and bought some sewing machines which he had installed in the mezzanine of his linen store. He hired some people who knew the business and began manufacturing shirts on the second floor of his linen store. He managed to get a government contract to manufacture shirts for the U.S. Army, which turned out to be a steady source of income.

My father decided to go out of the retail linen business and open a shirt factory, specializing in the manufacture of boy’s sport shirts. He was very successful. He became President of the Boys Apparel Guild of California, a manufacturer’s trade organization and, in 1947 won a license agreement to manufacture Hopalong Cassidy western shirts. Hopalong Cassidy was huge after the War, and people were standing in line to buy Hopalong Cassidy wear. The business grew. So much so that it attracted the attention of the unions. Now the men’s and boy’s garment manufacturing business in Los Angeles in the 1940’s and 1950’s were primarily owned by tough immigrants, like my father, who were self-made men and who didn’t take kindly to the interference of unions. Not that they exploited their workers. They treated them well and paid them well. It is just that my father felt that the factory was his, and that no one was going to dictate to him how to treat his employees.

Since the garment industry in post-war Los Angeles was a non-union industry, the unions needed to break into one factory to get a foothold. Because my father’s firm was the largest in the boy’s shirt business in 1950, they decided to try and organize his company. They took a vote of the workers, as required under the Taft-Hartley Act. The workers turned down the union. That began a cycle of violence and intimidation by the union against my father’s employees. The alleyway behind the plant was blocked by pickets, and trucks who were picking up goods wouldn’t cross picket lines, so my father hired some non-union truck drivers. Employees were followed home and told they would be hurt if they came to work. Some employees were beaten up outside the plant. The police did very little to protect any one. My father hired armed guards to protect his employees from violence. Eventually, in 1953, after several violent incidents with union goons, one of my father’s employees was sent to the hospital after a severe beating. My father decided to close down the business rather than give in to the unions.

There were some other manufacturers who had started importing shirts manufactured in the new emerging Japan after the War. My father decided that he would start importing shirts from Japan. He went to Japan in 1953 and contracted with a Japanese factory. Not pleased with the quality, and feeling he could do it better, he moved to Japan in 1954 and opened his own factory. Needless to say, that proved to be a successful and profitable move.

My father died of a heart attack at the age of 54 in his home in Nishinomiya Prefect outside of Osaka, Japan in 1962.

I learned a lot from my father. I learned that hard work, self-reliance and determination are qualities for success. I learned that in the face of adversity you do what you have to do to succeed. I learned that you don’t hang around when dictators want to take over your life. I learned that if an opportunity presents itself, you better take advantage of it, or it will be gone. I learned that you have to take a stand for your principles to be true to yourself. I learned humility, reverence and the value of tradition. I learned from him that G-d hears our prayers, but you better not depend on G-d for your physical sustenance. I learned that Jewish tradition is important to ones life, and should be passed on and preserved. I learned to love this country, as he loved his adopted country and the freedom he enjoyed here. I learned that a sense of humor is essential to one’s happiness, and I learned that love of your family is one of the most important things in life.

My father, to a great extent, made me who I am today.

I miss you, Dad.

Cartoonists weigh in on Dumb Dick Durbin

Gary Varvel is the first to indicate the damage Durbin does to this country.

Chris Muir shows the absurdity of Durbin’s remarks.

How the voters of the State of Illinois can continue to send this disgraceful, dishonorable, deplorable human-being to the Senate is beyond my understanding.

The Senate has deteriorated in quality. I long for the days when it consisted of gentlemen with class whose primary concern was the welfare of the country and the military. Now the primary concern of many in the Senate is political advantage and partisan politics.

How low that body has sunk.

History isn’ t taught in schools

David Gelernter writes a commentary today in the Los Angeles Times that ignorance of history is undermining society’s ability to talk straight and to think straight. He states that by teaching ideology instead of facts, our schools are erasing the nation’s collective memory.

“There is an ongoing culture war between Americans who are ashamed of this nation’s history and those who acknowledge with sorrow its many sins and are fiercely proud of it anyway. Proud of the 17th century settlers who threw their entire lives overboard and set sail for religious freedom in their rickety little ships. Proud of the new nation that taught democracy to the world. Proud of its ferocious fight to free the slaves, save the Union and drag (lug, shove, sweat, bleed) America a few inches closer to its own sublime ideals. Proud of its victories in two world wars and the Cold War, proud of the fight it is waging this very day for freedom in Iraq and the whole Middle East.

If you are proud of this country and don’t want its identity to vanish, you must teach U.S. history to your children. They won’t learn it in school. This nation’s memory will go blank unless you act.”

I wrote the following letter to the Los Angeles Times today:

David Gelernter in his commentary today bemoans the fact that children are not taught history today, but rather ideology, and that schools are erasing the nation’s collective memory. The reason for that is that it is Democrats, who are proponents of an ideological agenda, who write our children’s history text books today.

As a result, African-American children will not learn from their history books that it was the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, that brought war against the Democratic slave-owners of the South to free the slaves, or that anti-war Democrats in the North strongly opposed the Civil War and voted to demand that President Lincoln rescind the Emancipation Proclamation, or that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.

American children will not learn from their history books that the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act were reforms that the “Radical” Republicans struggled to have enacted during Reconstruction, but were unsuccessful due to fierce Democratic opposition.

American children will not learn from their history books that along with pressing Congress to give Blacks the right to vote, Republicans supported Women’s Suffrage for thirty years against Democratic opposition until it was finally passed in 1920.

American children will not learn from their history books that the 13th and 14th Amendments were passed by a Republican majority while most Democrats opposed their passage.

There are many other important messages in our history that American children will not learn from their history books, which is why I agree with David Gelernter that parents must teach U.S. history to their children. They won’t learn it in school.

I don’t expect them to publish it.