The Contradictions of Islam

In what is territory currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank (Judea/Samaria) there is a town called Kalkilya. Kalkilya happens to be a town fully controlled by Hamas, the Islamic Jihadists whose sworn goal is the destruction of Israel, and who are responsible for countless deaths of civilians through suicide bombers trained and financed by Hamas.

The Town Council of Kalkilya has banned a performing arts festival in the town being put on by a Palestinian Arab group from Ramallah, also on the West Bank.

The reason that the Hamas leaders of the town give for banning the festival is that it is against the Muslim religion for men and women to be dancing together. It is considered immoral.

Not only does this give a taste of what lies ahead for the Palestinians (and the French, Belgians, Dutch, etc.) but it is interesting to me that Hamas considers that men and women dancing together and enjoying life is considered immoral, but killing innocent men, women and children is not.

I suppose I will never understand the Religion of Peace.

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