Baldwin Park Protest – This is Tolerance?

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday in an article entitled, “Immigration Protest in Baldwin Park is Peaceful“, that the protest and counter-protest in Baldwin Park on Saturday was peaceful. It went on to state the following:

Next to City Hall, where about 60 protesters opposed to illegal immigration waved signs and American flags, about 600 counter-protesters sang, danced, chanted and beat drums to urge tolerance.

The Times neglected to show the examples of tolerance from the counter-protesters. You can see some of them here. Apparently, for the counter-protestors, tolerance means carrying signs that say, “Fight the Right, Fight Capitalism”, and, “Racists, get out of Aztlan.” Further examples of tolerance were T-shirts which said, “F*ck the Minutemen”, “F*ck the SOS” (Save our State)and “F*ck the Police.”

More signs: “Stop Anti-immigrant Fascism”, “All Workers Unite”, “Smash All Borders.”

Another sign, in Spanish, “Un Mundo para los Trabajadores sin Fronteras” (One world for the workers, without borders).

The fact is that the counter-protesters showed little tolerance and no understanding that what was being protested was the anti-American text on the entrance to the metrorail station, “This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, And will be again.” and, “It was better before they came.”