Not a Good Day

Yesterday was not a good day. To wit:

Item I: The Supreme Court further eroded property rights in the Kelo decision and reaffirmed that the commerce clause power of the Federal Government is virtually limitless. More later on this terrible decision.

Item II: The weak-kneed liberals in the House and Senate in committees yesterday managed to rake Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld over the coals for not having put down the insurgency, providing Al-Jazeera with more headline news and encouraging those who think America is losing its will to win the war in Iraq. It’s the “cut and run” group in Congress that had the floor yesterday.

Item III: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune supports Sen. Dick Durbin’s description of Guantanamo as being similar to the conduct of the Nazis, the Soviet Gulag and Pol Pot. According to the Star-Tribune, “Durbin was spot-on in his assessment of Guantanamo.” Thus enabling the Star-Tribune to pass the New York Times to assume the title of the most liberal, leftist, America-hating newspaper in the country.

I could go on….but today is another day, and who knows, there is always the possiblity that reason will prevail this day.

I know. I am an incurable optimist.

2 thoughts on “Not a Good Day

  1. To ad to the un-matched idiocy of the left, now they are attacking Karl Rove for his comments regarding the handling of the war on terror by liberals, even though HIS description truly is “spot on”. Will the Star Tribune or the LA Times for that matter come to his defense? I doubt it. Yet, I am with you, I truly do beieve that truth will prevail above all. For by raising such a stink about Mr. Roves’ remarks liberals are merely demonstrating their hypocrisy for all of America to see. That is the plight of evil running a race against good, eventually evil shoots itself in the foot, then the truth will catch up with it and then overcome.


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