Wafa al-Bis, a 21 year old Palestinian girl who, it turns out, belongs to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, was arrested carrying explosives in her pants at the Erez Crossing checkpoint in Gaza.

She was carrying more than 22 pounds of explosives and was caught thanks to anti-terror electronic equipment at the checkpoint. When caught, she tried to detonate the explosives at the checkpoint.

Wafa had received a border pass as a humanitarian gesture so that she could cross into Israel where she was being treated at a Beer Sheva hospital for burns she had received in a cooking accident. She admitted she had the explosives so that she could blow up the hospital (and all the patients, doctors and nurses) that had helped her.

On Israeli TV Wafa said she had dreamed of being a suicide bomber since she was a child and considers it an honor and a duty to Islam.

According to Israel Insider,

“Israeli officials said Bis, who comes from Jabaliya in Gaza, was burnt in a cooking accident five months ago, and had received treatment on humanitarian grounds in the Beersheba hospital.

They said she was making another trip for follow-up treatment on Monday, but planned to blow herself up instead.

The bombing attempt was only the latest in a series of terrorist attacks involving the exploitation of Israel’s humanitarian flexibility in the face of a very real security threat.

Monday’s abortive suicide attack at the Erez crossing is especially shocking for the Israeli public for a number of reasons:

To begin with, the female bomber was entering Israel using a special medical permit issue in order to provide her with follow-up treatment for burns sustained five months earlier in a home cooking accident. At that time, the woman’s life had been saved by the same Israeli doctors and nurses who she was now planning to blow up.

Despite this difficult reality, many human rights groups are only too quick to criticize Israeli security procedures at checkpoints, such as its insistence on inspecting ambulances.


The attempted attack by a woman terrorist from Gaza illustrates again, in the most appalling terms, the terrorist organizations’ cynical exploitation of the weaker elements of Palestinian society, such as women and children.

Israel had passed on specific intelligence to the PA concerning the terrorists’ intentions of dispatching this bomber. However the PA did nothing to prevent the attack. This further demonstrates to Israelis the inability or unwillingness of the PA to prevent terrorism and dismantle terror infrastructures as it has repeatedly and publicly committed itself to do, both to Israel and the international community.

Anyone who thinks that peace is at hand between the Palestinians and Israelis does not have a grasp of what is going on in the Middle East. Even now, small children in the Palestinian territories are still being taught that the highest honor they can achieve is to commit suicide while blowing up innocent Israeli civilians – men, women and children. As long as the Palestinians continue to radicalize their children Israel will not be safe. I predict that as soon as Israel departs from the Gaza in August, the Palestinians will launch a major terrorist offensive against Israel.

If Sharon really thinks that Mahmoud Abbas is capable of controlling Hamas or Islamic Jihad, and that there will be peace with the Palestinians, he is leading Israel into dangerous waters.