The Democratic Underground comments on the new Pope

Powerline, announcing the new Pope, notes that Confederate Yankee has found pretty much what you would expect from the Democratic Underground:

Fox News reports that the Cardinals have selected 78 year-old Joseph Ratzinger to be the new Pope — Pope Benedict XVI. The new Pope is expected to adhere to the policies and approach of Pope John Paul II, with which he was closely associated.

UPDATE: Carpe Bonum has what looks like a nice rundown on the new Pope. Meanwhile, for those who like crazed, unreasoning hysteria, Confederate Yankee has descended into the sewers of the Democratic Underground for reactions to Pope Benedict. What he found, needless to say, isn’t pretty. “It’s a sad day when the best aspect of a new pope is that he’s likely to die soon” is one of the less offensive entries.

If you want to get an idea of what the radical left is like, take a look at some of the quotes from the Democratic Undergound on the Confederate Yankee site. These are the same people who hope that the United States fails in Iraq.