Pope Benedict XVI: Whats In Two Names?

Catholicity gives some background on the new Pope and his choice of name:

It is interesting the Holy Spirit chose a man baptized Joseph, and, that he, Joseph Ratzinger, chose Benedict as his pontifical name.

Mr. and Mrs. Ratzinger, having no idea that their newborn son would one day be called to run the Catholic Church, decided to name their baby after Saint Joseph. Surely, Providence inspired their choice. Saint Joseph, among his many other titles, is known as the Terror of Demons. Beside the very reality of the meaning of that phrase (evil spiritual forces fear the intercession of Saint Joseph), this title reflects the grave responsibility Joseph took upon his shoulders to protect Our Lady and their son, Jesus. It also reflects Saint Joseph’s purity, and his willingness to order his will toward whatever was best for his family. Spiritual bad guys can’t abide by the light of holiness and purity, and no man born to Original Sin was holier and more pure of heart than Joseph.

Furthermore, Saint Joseph’s primary title is Patron (Father) of the Universal Church. His is first place among the saints.

Saint Benedict, who lived in the sixth century, was the founder of the Benedictines (the very first religious congregation), and is also famously known for his power to intercede against the forces of spiritual evil. The Saint Benedict Medal, perhaps the most popular Catholic medal after the Miraculous Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is considered lead-pipe-lock insurance against the forces of evil for those who wear it. The medal itself, designed by Saint Benedict, contains the first letters of Latin words which make up phrases that castigate and even humiliate spiritual beings. One of our favorites among them is directed to the head bad guy himself, Lucifer: “Go bark at the moon!”

Saint Benedict is the Bruce Willis of Catholic Saints. “Yippie Kai Yay!”

Many scholars honor Saint Benedict with another title. As a result of his history-making deeds and the legacy of the founding of religious congregations, which provided the social, educational, and organizing basis for Christendom to slowly rise from the chaotic remains of the Roman Empire, Saint Benedict is also known as the Father of Western Civilization.

Saint Joseph is a holy father.
Saint Benedict is a holy father.
Joseph Ratzinger, now His Holiness Benedict XVI, is our Holy Father.

We have a man named Joseph. We have a pope named Benedict. Bad guys, on earth and under the earth, you’re in for a scrap. Expect the world, the flesh, and the devil to commence their attacks upon Joseph/Benedict in short order.

Expect them to fail.