Not. One. Dime.

Send a copy of Captain’s Quarters essay, “Not One Dime.” to our Republican leadership.

Ed Morrissey says that this is an off-year. We can safely let our leaders know that they have to get some spine or they don’t get our money.


News flash: if we can’t reverse the generations-long trend of increasing judicial activism, the act of passing legislation will eventually be rendered meaningless. The judges, as we have seen, will simply continue to legislate from the bench, ignoring Congress and the Executive and transforming us from a representative democracy to a secular mullahcracy, where lifetime appointments in black robes make all the decisions for us.

That’s what the Republicans warned about when they campaigned in 2002 and 2004. Now it’s time to step up and do something about it — but despite their greater numbers and a clear signal from the electorate that rejects obstructionists (see Tom Daschle’s enforced retirement), the GOP suddenly quails at the thought of taking action.

I have been a loyal member of the GOP since I cast my first vote. I have worked campaigns and championed candidates well before I ever posted anything on my blog at CQ. However, with the defection of John McCain and the lack of any real response from party leadership on the issue, I have to take a stand and demand either action or accountability — and this is the time to do it.

Not. One. Dime. The next time Ken Mehlman sends you a request for money, that’s the message he needs to get back. We ponied up in 2004, and in 2002, and in 2000. The GOP not only has not delivered, its current leadership won’t even try. Frist and Rick Santorum claim they don’t have the votes. Balderdash — they don’t have the leadership to get the votes. I’m not going to fund or support people who won’t try to win, especially when the issue is so important.

Not. One. Dime. We’re not in an election year, so this makes it easy for the Republicans to get this message to party leaders. No balls, no Blue Chips, boys. I don’t mean just for the Senate, either. I mean for the entire Republican party. Feeding a fever may be good medicine, but feeding a failure only makes it last longer. Perhaps hunger will work where courage has so obviously failed.

Not. One. Dime. And when a vote does come, those Republicans who wind up supporting the minority’s extortion over the majority in defiance of the Constitution will never see another dime from me — but their opponents will, at every level of contest. Honestly, with Republicans like these in the Senate, we may as well have Democrats.

Not. One. Dime. If Bill Frist can’t lead the GOP, then let’s get rid of him now and find someone with the stomach for it. As long as he dithers, he’ll never see a dime out of me for any election. Kay Bailey Hutchinson would have more guts and could pull the troops in line better; maybe we should give her a try as Majority Leader for a while.

It’s time to send a real message to the Republicans about their priorities and their lack of leadership. This fight has been brewing for months, and it should have already been resolved by now. If they can’t hack it, then we will find — and fund — the leaders who can.

This is an effective way to get the attention of our leadership.

But Hugh Hewitt says:

But not as effective as letting the senators on the fence know that they are crossing a line with this vote if they vote against the party –a line that means huge financial losses to the party and outright opposition to their re-election or leadership

We need leadership! Now!