Welcome to "Bear to the Right"

This is a new blog where I, and occasional guests, will expound on the meaning of life. Comments will not appear on a regular basis as I have a life to attend to outside of blogging. Check back for futher updates.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to "Bear to the Right"

  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Gary. From someone as knowledgable and tuned-in to the world as you are I’m sure it’ll be an important addition to the disussion via the blogesphere.


  2. Excellent blog, Gary. I look forward to future pithy, insightful, informative entries like those you have already posted. Bear to the Right is a welcome new voice to the blogworld we all live in. Mazel Tov. BLZ


  3. Gary,Finally some sense in a crazy world, that is only getting more so by the minute.Thanks for your enlightened comments and great choice for your Blog Title.JCS


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